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Auto Document Merge

This powerful extension lets you quickly and easily create documents using Zoho CRM Mail Merge templates and perform specific actions with those documents. Whether you need to generate letters, proposals or any other documents, our simple interface makes the process a breeze.

Easy to Use Design

With our easy to use design, you can effortlessly merge documents in just a few clicks. So you can spend less time manually creating and merging documents and more time on other important tasks.

Image of the Extension Widget
Image showing the types of merge output options

Multiple Output Options

With multiple merge outputs available, you can save to the CRM record or any lookup associated record, download it to your computer or email it as an attachment. If you use Zoho WorkDrive or Google Drive for document storage, you can also save it straight the records associated folder.

Customisable Settings

Our powerful module specific settings allow you to default the merge template and output format per module. You can enable, disable or default outputs based on your needs to increase productivity and reduce repetitive tasks.

Image showing the Widgets Settings
Image showing the Workflow capabilities

Workflow Compatible

Further improve productivity by taking advantage of custom workflow actions that allow you to merge documents automatically using Zoho CRM's workflow engine.


We offer flexible pricing options to suit your needs. Choose the plan that works best for you.

You also receive a Free 10 Day trial to ensure that the extension is right for you!



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