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Hidden Customisation: Rename System Defined Fields in Zoho CRM

In the dynamic world of CRM software, customisation plays a pivotal role in adapting the system to unique business needs. However, challenges arise when dealing with fields labeled as "system-defined". In this article, we'll explore how to rename system defined fields in Zoho CRM using translation settings, giving you the power to rename these seemingly untouchable system defined fields.

The translation settings in Zoho CRM may not be the first place you'd think to look for customisation options, but it harbors a powerful secret. By utilising this feature, users can redefine field names by changing the fields Label.

In my video tutorial I illustrate the impact of this customisation technique by using the practical scenario of address fields. As address fields can vary accross countries, it makes sense to make it relevant to my country. In my example I show you how you can change the default 'Zip Code' to something that is more practical in Australia which is 'Postcode'.

By following these simple steps, you can enhance your user experience, align the CRM with your business language, and ultimately make the system work better for you.

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