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With the right software. Great things can happen.

Zoho has a suite of over 45 powerful business applications that streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve productivity.


From CRM and project management to accounting and HR, Zoho offers everything you need to run your business smoothly and effectively. With seamless integration between applications, you can automate tasks, collaborate with team members, and make data-driven decisions to achieve your business goals.


If you're looking for a comprehensive and affordable solution to manage your business, Zoho software is the way to go.

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With the right support. Amazing things can happen.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience with Zoho products, and we are committed to helping you get the most out of your investment with these powerful tools.


Whether you need assistance with setup and configuration, troubleshooting, or training, we are here to help.


Our goal is to empower you to use Zoho software to its fullest potential and achieve your business objectives.

What We Offer

Square Labs partner with businesses to implement and support Zoho software.

Our team has extensive product knowledge to ensure that your business gets long term success and return on investment from your Zoho solution. 

We are based in Australia, but support businesses worldwide.

Solution Design

We work closely with you to understand your business. This business analysis provides us with the required detail to scope and design your new solution.

Solution Implementation

We manage the entire implementation process. This includes system customisation, development requirements, end user training and supplying support resources.

Integration Requirements

We can help with integration to 3rd party applications to expand your solution further. This could be adding SMS functionality to your CRM or connecting to your accounting system.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support for our clients. From small improvements to assisting with growing and improving your businesses solution.

Our Zoho MVP

Hugh Marshall

Zoho MVPs are dedicated ambassadors of the Zoho Community, known for their deep expertise, active engagement, and leadership.


They consistently provide assistance, contribute innovative ideas, and represent the community's voice, embodying a commitment to excellence in all aspects of Zoho product knowledge and support.

Hugh Marshall

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