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How to Merge Related Lists into a Zoho Merge Document by Custom Function

Updated: May 19, 2023

In our previous posts, [How to Automate a Zoho Merge Document and Save to Record & How to Send an Automated Zoho Merge Document by Email Template] we explored the benefits of automating the mail merge process in Zoho CRM, enabling you to generate and save merged documents with just a single click. Building upon that foundation, we are excited to share how you can add even more functionality to your automated merge documents. In this article and video tutoria, we will guide you through how to merge related lists into a Zoho Merge document.

By incorporating data from related lists or subforms into your automated merge documents in Zoho CRM, you can take your customer communications to the next level. Whether it's showcasing client activity details, summarising service history, or including other relevant information, this added functionality enhances the personalisation and effectiveness of your communication.

With these additional insights, you'll be well-equipped to expand the functionality of your automated merge documents in Zoho CRM, providing a more comprehensive and personalised experience for your customers.

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